London Fashion Week 2015: Erdem London.

London Fashion week was upon me so fast I could hardly keep up! The jealousy I felt seeing those lucky youtubers, bloggers, instagrammers and even models ( I probably envy the models most , for their looks , obviously and the fact that they get to wear the designers clothes). I can only dream that one day I will also be attending.

Avidly, I spent the week scouring Twitter,, Instagram and even snapchat to keep up with each designer’s lastest collection. Whilst most were stylish and edgy (well what else can be epected from LFW?) There was one show which really stood out most for me, Erdem London.

First off the set alone, the 70’s has crept back into style this year and in a fun twist on the trend the set for the Erdem ready-to-wear Fall 15 show was a chic 1970’s home. Brilliant!

erdem set 1

erdem set 2

As if the clothes needed any help, the glamour of strikingly beautiful models strutting through the middle of a 1970’s home was a stroke of sheer genius and gave the models a fantastic opportunity to change the dynamic of a traditional runway.

Onto the clothes, here are my 7 favorites from the collection…


I love the metallic detail against the camel colours, it is a mix of both modern trends and the classic 70’s camel/suede material!


 I really love the almost- “mod” type print on this dress mied with the colours, eugh perfection. Also I love the length, I am making it my goal this autumn to be more comfortable with midi-lengths!


I am an absolute sucker for floral prints, especially as they are ironic in fall. I love the traditional shape of the dress mixed with the devilish red color.


Love , love, love these textures! I think they are so cool and edgy. The shape of the dress is seriously a favourite of mine right now, it’s usually the first type of dress I go for when shopping, I feel it looks good on any body type.


Capes are a fall must have however I feel as thought the traditional camel-cape has been over worn these past few seasons so I love the edgy, sheer black material with the purple, its so mysterious. The colour is brilliant too, it’s like a bomber jacket/cape hybrid!


This dress just screams drama to me, I love it, especially the ruffles without them, the gown would probably be our average maxi, but ruffles transform it from “meal at a posh restaurant” to “night at the opera”


I’m so glad to see turtle necks still on the runway, they are a serious addiction I adore the way it’s paired with a textured maxi skirt by Erdem, it just goes to show you can be beautiful without showing excessive amounts of skin!



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