LFWend: Tote bag.

Included in the tickets for London fashion weekend was a designer tote bag filled with designer goodies! I thought it would be interesting to share what I got in mine as they were pretty wonderful! I actually got 2x everything included because I went with my dad so he couldn’t use half of the items in his, so a tip for you ladies is to bring a man!




As you can see from the pictures the tote bag, designed by Pringle, definitely picked up on the monochrome trend for the upcoming seasons and I love the knitted illusion from the print. The goodies inside included:

Heat fashion magazine. ( As if my fashion magazine addiction needed fueling!)

Bailey’s chocolate bar

Dried strawberries ( I live off dried fruit so this was excellent for me)

Lavazza coffee& a discount voucher (also a staple in my diet!)

Tissues (which I never seem to have any of so these will definitely be useful!)

Sea salt spray by Label M

Essie nail polish in “roarrrrange” (orange was the only color missing from my surprisingly extensive nail polish collection)

If the freebies in this post alone haven’t convinced you to buy tickets to the next LFWend then hopefully my blog posts to come will!



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