Fantasy list: March 2015

Hello! I feel like it has been so long since I last blogged, my life has become coursework! Anyway, now I actually have time, I thought I’d share the items  from this season that I would sooo buy if I was a millionaire…

First up, SHOES. After binge watching Sex and the City over winter, I have officially caught Carrie’s Manolo Blahnik addiction, they are soo stunning and edgy, if I had money, they would be all mine! My two favourites are:



To me, mules never really went out of style (they define my childhood ok!) this colour and circular design is a fresh and beautiful spin on the classic mules.

manolo 2


Dont get me wrong, I adore the traditional SATC manolo’s but i rarely wear outfits which will go with royal blue, I think these are a much more practical colour but still have that beautiful motif.



How cool are these!!! Out of them all, these are probably my favorites they make a great staple to a simple outfit or simply embellish an already wonderful outfit even more.


Dresses are pretty much 70% of my wardrobe, they take almost 0 effort which is wonderful because you can splash on accessories! Here are my dream dresses….

Vilshenko £1,575


This is so stunning for the upcoming summer season, I’m a secret boho gal at heart, I think this combines the 70’s and bohemian trend perfectly!

Alexander McQueen £2,695


This dress is such a quirky shape, I think it would flatter any figure. It’s a lovely combination fo the monochrome and hyper – floral trends we can look forward to this season.

Giambattista Valli, £1,560


Giambattista Valli never lets me down, again another feminine yet simple dress which I would, quite frankly, give my left arm for.


Giambattista Valli, £1,965


Once again Valli has me seriously considering robbing a bank, this skirt is stunning, I’m not sure how I can live without it…

Delpozo, £4,450


I never usually go for shorts, never mind such crazy ones like these! But I’m a sucker for textures so these shorts are definitely on my wish list!

Giambattista Valli, £1,040


Can you tell Giambattista Valli is my favourite?! Seriously, gimme!!!!

Overall, my dream items cost £15,085! There would never be a haul post again if I spent that much!



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