Fashion goals for Summer 2015.

Every year I fall into the same pattern in terms of clothes in summer. Lets be honest, it is much harder to pick out a statement outfit in the heat (not that we get alot in Manchester!) So this year I have decided to set myself goals to complete in order to keep my look updated and current, not just the same old maxi dresses that I pull out each year….

Septum Piercing


For too long I have lusted over these piercings on instagram, I find them so beautiful and ethereal, however I have always been way to scared to do it. Leaving school this year and Givenchy’s amazing accessorizing at fashion week was the push I needed to bite the bullet this summer….Watch this space!

White hair

94923-sasha_luss_fotos_etro beauty2 download images

Sasha Luss is serious goals anyway, but this summer she is my hairspiration. When I was much younger my hair was this colour natrually so you could say I’m going back to my roots! (or making roots a serious hassle) Needless to say I’m nervous as hell, there aren’t many videos of this kind of bleaching online so I will try to document the bleaching process for anyone in my shoes!

New lips


Last week we saw Rihanna stir things up at Coachella with her very non-boho style. Instantly the purple lipstick she was wearing sold out, and I can see why. Inspired by the SS15 runways Ri-Ri rocked purple haze. Obviously I’m no Rihanna but I can’t get enough of these lips, I don’t think my go to dark lipstick will really get me in the summer mood come June so I’m aiming to branch out and go violet…..Stay tuned for that one....

                     Get my boho on 



Zuhair Murad did it, Rodarte did it. Everywhere you look the 70’s are back in town, so I know I said I’d put my maxi dress away but is it really a maxi dress if it’s made from crochet? One thing I definitely will be buying are Gladiator sandals and Mules its only right that whilst my favourite show styles are back in I splash out on them….right?



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