Why Rihanna should be your inspiration this summer…

This year I have definitely grown to love Rihanna even more than I already did (is that even possible?!). 2015 definitely suits Rihanna, her impact this year is the most important yet, hence why she should not only be your style inspo, but also your confidence inspo…

Practically overnight we’ve seen Rihanna grow from Bajan girl next door to a high fashion queen.  If you’re part of the “high fashion” community on twitter you will know that Ri-Ri is one the rare cases where a celebrity has been accepted and praised into the mysterious world of HF. You can hardly blame them either, check out this insane transformation!


192 191

If Rihanna can go from what she was in 2004 (top) to now in 2015 (middle and bottom), then so can you! It’s never too late to change-up your style.

She has also recently been announced as the first black woman ever to be the face of Dior. Not only does she look more beautiful and graceful than ever in Dior, but she is also making history for black women all around the globe. I think it is truly inspirational and about time that we had a change from the usual faces of Dior, and there is nobody better than Rihanna for the job.

rihanna-2-600x800 rihanna-dior-secret-gaden-07

Rihanna’s campaign proves that no matter your size, race or religion you should never let any prejudice hold you back, everyone is beautiful and hey, if the worst place it gets you is the face of Dior…. then I guess you can live with it…..



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