Bleaching my hair…

For the longest time I have been bored of my natural hair colour, it just doesn’t set off my outfits like I want it to. So as soon as I left school I decided to bleach my hair…. Bleach it?! Yes a little extreme but with all the time I spend lusting over the locks of Sasha Luss and Daphne Groeveneld, it was everything my hair needed to be…


So off I went to the hair dressers, I went for the lightest blond. If you’re thinking of dyeing your hair blond then be warned…it burns! And you will be sat there for at least an hour so bring some reading material and your best pain threshold. Once the the dye was on I must admit I was getting anxious, I could see my old champagne like colour fading slowly into a head of bright yellow… (Oh yeah also be prepared to temporarily transform into an egg…)

After around 2 hours of sheer burning and itching, it was finally time to wash off and put some toner on my hair to make it less yellow. I then got my hair straightened and cut and was pretty impressed with the final result!

When I washed my hair back to my natural curls, my hair looked very yellow and just wasn’t what I’d expected, so I decided to take matters into my own hands….

With the abundance of hair tutorials on YouTube and Google I like to consider myself a pretty educated gal. So 5 days after the initial dyeing I took myself to boots and bought some violet hair dye. ( Top tip: violet tones cancel yellow tones out!) and put it onto my hair, this left me with much whiter hair and slightly pink roots, which surprisingly I love!

So here is my final hair, and I must say I love it! My new routine involves purple shampoo, purple dye and rose coloured dye from bleach London (review coming soon!)


So I hope you enjoyed reading about my new hair! Stay tuned for more hair blogs!



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