Second hand series #1

 Welcome to the first instalment of my new Second hand series!’ For years I held a stigma against charity shops, I thought they were dirty, for old women-in fact I refused to set foot in them! When the vintage trends became more popular  I decided to check out what all the fuss was about. Sure enough my mind was blown… I could shop designer labels, and help a good cause?!
Now they are probably one of my favourite places to shop – and I don’t see any shame in it! In this series I will put together a series of outfits from second hand stores in order to show you why they are the dark horse of high street shops. Let’s banish this stigma and show everyone just what you can find in charity shops!

Here is my first outfit, at a total of just £8.50 (not including sunglasses) I was head to toe in designer labels – you’ve just got to have a good eye!

Top – Banana Republic £2

Skirt – Principles petite range £2

Shoes – Fiore £4.50

Monochrome is definitely one of my favourite 2015 trends so finding each of these pieces left me feeling very smug and not a bit broke! I know I’ll get my wear out of these this year!

Let me know what you think of charity shops!

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