My summer hair.

 Since I had 2 months off for summer I decided to take advantage of not having any restricting rules about my hair. As you’ve probably seen in a previous blog, I decided to bleach my hair. This would give me the blank canvas I needed to dye my hair an array of different colours! Plus having Daphne Groeneveld hair isn’t sooo bad. I decided to write this post to tell you about which dyes I used, how and why, enjoy!

 When I first started experimenting with colour, it was completely by accident. After a couple of hours of research I bought some purple hair dye with the intention of mixing it with conditioner to tone my hair (remove yellow-y tones) however as my roots were pretty white, they turned pink. What I thought was going to be a disaster actually turned out pretty cool. And so began my real experiments. 

For the most part I keep my hair blonde, with a slight pink tinge, I think this just makes it a little bit more interesting! To achieve this, I use Bleach London’s “Rose” dye and apply it to moist hair (this way the colour isn’t as bright) hair after I have washed and conditioned it. I concentrate mainly on making the top part of my hair most pink and then fade it out as I move downwards. I leave it for 30 minutes then wash out with lukewarm water.

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Rose Gold.

To achieve rose gold, I stopped using silver shampoo for around a week before so that my hair already had the orange undertones needed to make rose gold. Using the same hair prep as before, I applied a whole tub of Directions “pastel pink” dye and some of Bleach London’s rose also (although this probably isn’t necessary) this resulted in a Rose Gold colour which is probably one of my favourite colours. Although be warned, this colour would take some maintaining!



N ext I went big, Nicole Richie is probably one of my favourite people ever so I stole her look and went lavender on my hair. This is probably one of the easiest dyes I’ve done on my hair and doesn’t take that much dye! I used probably around a quarter of a tub of Directions “Violet” mixed with Tresemme Keratin Smooth conditioner, covered every last strand of my hair in it and waited for 30 minutes….. The outcome was very different to blonde… if I’m honest, the purple life isn’t for me, I’m a natural blonde! Although it was fun playing a bad ass for around a week and a half which is when my hair started to fade….

044047 032


If you want silver hair, then it’s simple. Add more conditioner to your lavender hair mix so it is more diluted. Or just follow my road (although slightly accidental) after dyeing my hair purple it began to fade to a silvery colour within about a week and a half (I hadn’t touched it up as I wanted to be blonde on holiday). My hair was suddenly silver! With slight tones of pink and purple, this was such a cool colour to be and I would definitely recommend trying it while it’s still in trend!

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Right now I’m back to being a level 10 blonde, but who knows what the future holds, right now I’m liking the idea of pastel blue…..



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