Resolution for 2016.

This feels weird, I haven’t written anything for 4 months, I guess I lost my inspiration and confidence in my writing, as more people I knew were noticing my blog I felt more and more self conscious and let my confidence get the better of me. However meeting like minded people in art subjects at college reminded me that I shouldn’t let other people’s opinions stand in the way of my goals. Ultimately this blog is to gain experience and knowledge about fashion so that I can get onto a Fashion Journalism course at a London university. Hopefully, when I’m there the people who thought this blog was cringey, or rejected it because they don’t understand fashion wont matter to me.

The beginning of a new year has left me inspired to share my personality online and in real life, regardless of opinions. This means no more flipping my septum up when I meet new people, no more wearing a more “mainstream” outfit to be around certain groups of people. In 2016 I resolve to well and truly be myself and gain confidence in that. By the end of this year I want to be able to approach people in the street when doing street style photography, I want to be able to wear the most outrageous (faux) fur coat next winter and the hippiest flares in summer. Every time I overcome being shy or embarrassed I will be one step closer to going to London.

Happy new year!



P.S. You can also find me on shared blog FundsnFashion with Lucy now!

2 thoughts on “Resolution for 2016.

  1. I used to get self concious too as more people read my blog (especially if I know who the people are). I even get self concious whilst they are saying positive things about my blog! I can’t give advice on how to get over it because I can’t ever say I fully am. You can just wait it out and just brave the feeling when someone else is commenting on your blog. Just remember, it’s a good thing that someone is reading as this means that your blog is reaching out to some people and you are not just talking to yourself. 🙂


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