Why I buy vintage leather as a vegetarian.

For those that don’t know me personally, I’m a mad preachy vegetarian, I cringe at the sight, smell and thought of meat. To me it is quite honestly awful.

Two months ago I found a beautiful vintage MaxMara coat in a vintage shop…£15!

However I was conflicted, it was real leather, could I really do that to my beliefs? I went away and thought about it and managed to come to peace with myself.

The only reason I bought the coat was because it was vintage, the reason I’m vegetarian is because of animal cruelty and although to get the leather an animal has lost it’s life, it is not supporting the leather industry by buying a vintage coat. The coat was made decades ago, if I’d bought it decades ago then yes it would’ve been supporting the leather industry but by buying it now it only supports the vintage shop, not MaxMara, which is why I don’t feel as bad although buying vintage leather is extremely rare for me I’m glad I have my thoughts on it sussed out and I’m happy to be supporting vintage shops because they need it most.


Hope this makes sense



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