Every year on New Years I don’t really feel much, except for the obligatory hang over. It seems everyone else makes a fresh start but mine has already been made, every September upon my return to education from the holiday period I get a surge of inspiration, which, I imagine, is what everyone else is feeling on January 1st. This month alot of new beginnings are being made, and here they are:

Firstly, I have just got myself a new job which I am extremely excited about. It is at Warehouse in Selfridges. Not only will I get the iconic yellow Selfridges name badge but warehouse has just undergone a major re-branding and I am so obsessed with the new clothes! The Emma Cook range appeals to me on so many levels, not only is it amazing quality but it has taken a turn for the high fashion, fellow Manchester gal Cook has designed a range of ‘unintentional’ dressing where prints and colours clash fabulously. I know I am going to be so inspired working here!

Secondly, I am returning to my final year at college *cries*. For the first time in my life, I have begun to love my education. Whether this is because of the teachers, my passion for the subjects or just me maturing, I don’t know and frankly don’t care something got me the surprising results of ABB and I am so enthusiastic about my projects this year its scaring me a little, but hey, we’ll see if I still feel this way in June…

August saw me go through a breakup, and as you know, I ran off to Spain. Literally turning my own world on its head, and I don’t think my parents have ever been so proud of me. From somewhere I have found confidence to do what I want, whether it be living alone in Spain for a month or fixing my broken down car I am loving it and all the newfound opportunities it is bringing with it.

I also want a new beginning for this blog, my goal is to be a fashion journalist and with dropping English lit at the beginning of college, I have a feeling I have made this 10x harder for myself. So to get back into the groove of writing I have decided to try and post most days on this blog, whether it be about fashion or just thoughts I want to get out there, I think it will be good to exercise my writing more as well as create more contemn that I have thought through carefully.So you have my word, I will try to write most if not everyday as a new beginning for my blog.

I’m also turning 18 this month however you will be hearing more about that in future posts…



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