Welcome to my NYFW stand out for Friday 9th September 2016, honestly I probably won’t be doing these everyday but I especially loved Red Valentino and thought it would make a good post today.

DISCLAIMER: This post probably isn’t the best example, but this fashion month I am going to try and make a point on the non “mainstream” designers, but today Valentino was definitely my fave over Jason Wu (although it was stunning)

The SS17 Collection features lots of retro vibes through flared denim jumpsuits, block coloured patterns and Tommy Hilfiger SS16-esque crotchet details. Valentino predicts bomber jackets will still be in next summer (yeow!) and that skinny jeans will be departing as the flares are only getting bigger and bigger.

As usual Valentino embraces romanticism in his RED line, after all, it does stand for Romantic, Eccentric Dress. Nothing gives me a fuzzier feeling than seeing white, flowy sheer blouses in for next summer and I am so excited to wear them!

I will say however, I was not a massive fan of the pink flamingo prints, probably because I despise animal graphics but hey I’m sure someone will rock them.

1020 (6).jpg

Here are my top 5:




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