Manchester is quite an arty city, so when I was thinking of what to write about next, my mind bounced to the places I have visited most frequently this summer, and they just so happened to be art related. So here are my top three places to view art in Manchester.

Manchester Art Gallery.

Mosely Street.

Obviously, has to be Manchester Art Gallery. They always have something interesting to see, from Victorian paintings to the recent Vogue 100 exhibition. It’s definitely my favourite places to go in my frees from college, and I always take my camera to use what I find as research. It’s also the best place for a chilled Sunday.IMG_8309.JPG

MMU Degree Shows

Manchester Metropolitan University, Oxford Road.

The second comes only once a year but when it is on, I visit regularly and its the Degree Shows at Manchester Metropolitan University. Not only has it helped me choose what I want to do with my future it inspires photography and textile projects, its also the best knowing that your research features local creations. My favourtie sections are Fashion, Photography, Foundation Art and graphics.

Whitworth Art Gallery.

Oxford Road, Manchester.

Finally, the Whitworth. Honestly, I feel like this is a once or twice type of visit because the exhibitions don’t change too often. Still, the contemporary art is really interesting so I would definitely check it out. Also, the Cafe in the trees is really good for veggies and a coffee!

Check them out!



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