I wasn’t too sure what to write about today, this probably won’t be the most fashion-y post just something I’ve realised recently. After spending a month in a beautiful country I realised life is kind of all about energy and vibes that people give off. The past few months, I probably haven’t given off good vibes or surrounded myself with people who did. Going back to college and study two subjects in which I want as future (textiles and photography) and beginning a new job where everyone is fashion focused has filled me with so much good energy I feel like I’ve had a spiritual face lift!

I’m not saying all my friends have to be in fashion//photography, I think having friends should be like having a team, you should support them and they should support you, the minute someone stops being your fan keep them at arms length and remind yourself to keep supporting them even if it isn’t reciprocated.

The beauty of being friends with fellow creatives is the ability to bounce off one another and produce your best work with them. I feel so content when I am in a creative, flowing environment and it is comforting to know that with hard work, this will be the environment I work in when I leave education.

Its delicious to always have someone to get your back and hold your hand along the way.vsco-photo-5 (1).jpg

So this was a random post but I wanted to write something and it was on my mind!



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