In primary school I would say I was fairly clever, yes I couldn’t do maths (who can) and I got myself into one of the top Grammar schools in the county. It was there I discovered I wasn’t quite as clever as I thought,posh children from rich families were already fluent in french and I still couldn’t do maths. Although I worked hard and achieved A grades, one subject always fell naturally, Textiles. Along with this, the one true love that has never wavered in my life was fashion.


When asked about university, I convinced myself I was desperate to be a vet because I also love animals. However I had to wake up and smell the coffee when I realised I would rather die than sit in moire science lessons and even worse, pay £9,000 a year for them. So in college I threw myself into textiles, where I discovered I also really love photography and have done for most of my life. Funnily enough I feel the most relaxed and comfortable in myself I have ever been and my best friends have been found through shared passions for these subjects.

Along with the perks of the arts, there have also been many long nights of coursework, injuries from heat presses and mental breakdowns. So when I get looked down on for ‘not doing a proper subject’ or being too stupid it is immensely frustrating (especially when said people have bad dress sense themselves). Because whilst some may be able to do long division in their head, they almost certainly wouldn’t be able to plan an entire project based on one tiny idea. And whilst the academia gets spoon fed when getting into university, it feels as though art students are left to their own devices and it is scary!

Without arty people and academic people what kind of world would we live in? We would have no TV no images and no colour.



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