In July, my college was approached to have upper year textiles students to take part in a competition to design a piece for the Fashion Freedom exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery. Unlike the  other 3 colleges involved our course decided to team up, luckily I managed to get in a team with the two sickest gals ever; Katie and Helena.

Long story short, inspired by pigeons and their various parallels to suffragettes of the time, we managed to get through each round and finally we are just a week away from the fashion show at the Gallery on Thursday 10th November.

Whilst we have created a garment it will not physically be shown at the gallery as we have incorporated it into a fashion film, of which you can see a few stills below. We all take media of photography and so it felt right to use a visual representation to get our point across, after weeks of hard work it is crazy we have almost finished!

DSC_0160 copy.jpg

DSC_0123 copy.jpg

We have also been chosen from the winning groups in our college to take part in a film which will be featured on the Manchester Art Gallery and 1418-now websites and will explain our pigeon obsession just a little better.

The event is free and on Thursday 10th November from 6:30pm – 8:30pm. So it would be great to see a few faces supporting the Future Creatives movement.



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