Back in October, Ryan air held a halloween sale, DUMP HIM got wind of it and a spontaneous trip to Berlin was booked….

Armed with Puffa jackets, DUMP HIM touched down in Berlin looking more like a girl band than ever.


First impressions of Berlin:

  • Cold
  • Christmassy
  • V confusing public transport.

We booked an Air BnB in Gesundbrunnen, queen sized bunk beds added to the adventure even if they were hard to get into after a few too many cocktails at the bar we discovered down the road. We probably spent more time in Fbar than we did in our apartment with B.I.G. playing, red fairy lights and graffiti scrawled across the walls, this place was VIBIN.


Safe to say, the first night in Berlin was a messy one thanks to our main man (?) Daniel, the south african bar tender. 🙂

More soon




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