Whilst in Berlin we could only hack the one messy night in Tresor, seriously, too much sambuca.


Decked out in glitter and water bottles of vodka we embarked on the weirdest U-Bahn ride of our lives, if Germans hadn’t been welcoming to us so far, they definitely weren’t when we found other bevvy English speakers, who, somehow convinced us to get off the Ubahn at the wrong stop to go to a club called Hive, which we soon found out was actually in Scotland.


Stepping into Berlin’s answer to Factory we were met by a wave of smoke, techno and drunk Europeans and although we don’t love techno it was easy to get into the vibe when men in sheepskin vests were dragging you into the darnce.

Although clubs in Berlin are very different to the ones in England, with enough vodka you can definitely have a night to remember, techno is a major part of the Berlin culture, so it would be rude not to, right?



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