Aaaand were back in the dreaded transition season of Spring. Forever my worst season, it is so hard to choose an outfit which is weather appropriate and on trend. Even the shops get confused, chilly looking mannequins wearing only a bralette doesn’t exactly look appealing when you’re stepping in out of the rain. So what to wear? Florals? Hardly groundbreaking. Stripes looks decidedly too harsh for the indecisive weather and sandals risk soggy toes.

This year, the stripe issue has been addressed with gingham, and I aint mad at it. Gypsy tops add a delicate feel to a harsh black and white print, layered with a turtle neck you keep your warmth. Paired with pastels (my personal favourites being lilac and lemon) they are the perfect transition look for spring.

Another new addition to my wardrobe for Spring 2017 is the dreaded denim. I always feel too fat for jeans and so avoid them like the plague however I liked the cut of this pair from Zara and thought I’d give it a go. I mean I like them, but they definitely wont be replacing my go to skirts.

If you’ve been following for a while, you’ll know that every spring without fail, I get the mules out and this year is no exception, also from Zara, these white mules are slowly becoming my go – to shoes over my converse, I think they go with everything and paired with pastel nail varnish they are definitely an easy way to update your look for spring… in loooove with them and at £25 they didn’t hurt my bank either.



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